They say I killed the cat.

Well, I beg to differ:

I am the reason why you keep reading that mystery novel of yours,

I push you into pushing that unknown red button you see,

I give you the courage to go speak to that boy you think is cute,

I itch you to know what those lips feel like,

I smother you until you tell me the name of that song you keep humming,

or poke you until you tell me why the zebra has stripes,

I help in building new things.

And yes,

sometimes I walk you into a few mistakes too.

But baby,

I ain’t a killer.



Love notes of dance.

Let your fingers dance,

To the rhythm of our heartbeats,

On the planes of my flesh.

Let them tap into the unexplored,

And search for new beyonds.

Taint my body,

With the words of your doing.

Paint them,

With the love notes pouring out of your mouth.

Let them crash into the mountains,

And sink into my valleys.

Let them get lost,

While we search for each other.

Starry Nights

Gazing at the sky every night,

She counted the stars that shone so bright.

Fascinated by their glow,

By that light they let go,

She contemplated every night.

How, just balls of fire could look so beautiful?

How, they could just keep twinkling all night.

She wasn’t a curious astronomer trying to decode their positions,

Nor was she one of those lost souls who they gave path to.

But still, every night she gazed at them,

And gazed at them, till her eyes keep could keep open no more.

She used to talk to them,

Share things she told no one.

And they listened,

Only listened and told no one.

Mumbling to her confidantes she sat there all alone, every night.

Or at least, so she thought.

A few pebbles away,

Perched on the branch of the ancient banyan tree,

A boy like her sat every night.

He too, who came to admire the nature,

And spill some whispers into the dark.

He too, who came to gaze at the stars,

And believed them to be his confidantes.

This went on for a while,

Both unaware of the other.

Until, one day the branch creaked,

revealing the little boy’s spot.

who’s there?”, she asked,

and stepped into the dark.

Scared and afraid all her senses heightened,

Only to find a young escaping boy,

Who was also equally frightened.

He was in a hurry,

Hanging mid-air,

Amidst of an escape.

Relieved that it wasn’t some beast,

She took a deep breath,

While all he could do was gape.

For the first time the boy was speechless,

He had nothing to say.

Perplexed and astonished,

He just kept looking,

As she walked away.

She walked back to her spot,

While he tried to get out of the daze.

Eventually climbing back up on his branch,

But he never did lose that haze.

They still came every night after that,

And still do every time that sun sets.

The only difference being,

She still comes for the stars above,

While he comes for the one he found beneath.


Into the tides.

Into the tides.

Away from the shore.

They were two souls finding a home.

They had searched the shore,

All land and more,

But found nothing but emptiness.

An emptiness they both wanted to kill.

A void, both the souls wanted to fill.

A hollow in their world that they were so desperate to cover.

A homely warmth they wished that would linger and hover.

Knocking on every door, they had tested and tried,

But no where did they find that feeling they craved.

Until one night they came across the tides,

Which held the whole world’s reflection.

The reflection of the stars.

The reflection of the moon.

The reflection of the infinite sky above.

That is when they saw the reflection they had never seen.

The reflection of themselves,

All by themselves.



Kin nor kind.

She rushed through the crowd as the sun-kissed her skin,

Looked around in a craze to find her kind in her kin.

Her eyes wild in search,

The strength in her feet filled with passion. 

She searched and searched for anyone who might be,

But had no luck at all.

Desperate and panicked she decided to flee,

Away from the known, her kin, her clan.

Away from the scrutiny to an unknown land.

She knew it would be tough,

Of course she was scared,

But remembered what she was taught, “Always be prepared”.

So she fled and she ran,

Ran till she saw other souls,

Not her kind but similar wandering wholes.

No judging.

No scrutiny.

No fear of being different, their eyes held.

Truth and acceptance, the two things they knew well,

The truth of kind and kin,

And the acceptance that everything eventually fell.

Each a different kind, from a different kin,

Who chose to flee like her as they too felt misplaced from within.

They welcomed her, comforted her and told her to have no fear.

“We might not be your kind,

We might not be your kin,

But we’re all wanderers like you”, they said.

She thanked them and thanked them, shedding a few tears of joy.

Sighing of relief and no more shy.

She ran around now and danced with glee,

For the wanderer inside her was finally free.

No more of kin she was,

She found none of her kind,

She was different, unique and finally fine.

She knew her roots, no doubt they might have been the same,

Only she grew out to be different,

A branch shaped a little different, you could say,

A branch which saw life in a new way.

Away from home, surprisingly, she finally felt at peace.

She still missed it but now life was more at ease.

Her own way she could live.

Her own answers she could find.

She could let loose from the chains of what was defined.

Wandering not lost she could finally see,

The array of possibilities of what she could be.


Fleeting escapism

You know that place? That place which is only known to you. That place where everything is alright, where everything is okay. That place which is way better than this world. Where there are no complications and just peace and happiness prevails everywhere. Yes, exactly that place. And don’t pretend to be unknown because I know you know, in fact we all do because we all have that one place. It’s the place we escape into every now and then to be free from this world. It’s the place we find our serenity in. It is that place where one can just be themselves without any worries. It is in other words like utopia where everything is just perfect.

Zoning out into bliss while fleeing the world that can only think of problems has somewhat become a habit of mine. Breaking into a world of my own liking and simple joy while the world around is just too busy worrying about the most irrelevant matters is a thing I have taken to my liking recently and since my examinations are around the corner it’s also something that helps me keep the stress at bay. Anyways, back to the point, escaping into my world of thoughts and dreams as become new favourite hobby. Just me and my blissful solitude. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s a place have come to frequently visit. The place that is just like plain paradise. It’s not necessarily a real place, it’s just a virtual state of being at times but it is so much better.

If you’re thinking that I have lost it or something then no, I haven’t. Like I am still crazy and all, I just haven’t become crazier or something. It’s just that sometime back I came over the word and concept of escapism and I’ve just been obsessing over it and have fallen in love with it since. It’s just plain beautiful cause just for that while there are no worries in life. Though, I must admit it has become a quite irritating factor for the humans around me but still I fallen for it. my escape has mainly been listening to music or reading books while just feeling the breeze hit your face and cutting off the world’s annoying noises. Just peace, my thoughts, my feelings, my books and my music.

It’s not running away from reality or not facing your problems. It’s just removing some time for yourself .

’cause sometimes its healthy to get away from reality. 


A bit of soul

It’s a part of me.

It has helped me be who I am.

It has been by my side even through the darkest times.

It reaches out to me and I connect with it when I can’t with anyone else.

It has been my language when I couldn’t even utter a sound.

My tears, fears, joy and laughter, it has been a part of it all.

It has been my companion during the lonely times, my friend who has been with me through all the tides.

It is my escape from the world, my blissful paradise.

Its voice might differ every time but it never fails to express what I feel.

It has been there from the start and I know will stand by till the end.

But still, till date I cannot thank it enough.

It is my music.

All along life it has been my get away from the world, it always creates me a bubble which I call my space. I relate to it in many ways whether it’s being obnoxious and loud or just wanting to relax. I have always been much closed about my music which has several times been misunderstood but it’s not that I have something to hide, it’s just that, to me, it is something very personal that I like to keep to myself. I never really got how people can so easily be comfortable sharing their music and have always envied them because that is something I have never been able to do very easily. I blame this on the fact that to me it feels like letting people inside my personal space which I can get highly uncomfortable with especially if I don’t know you. I really don’t know if that weird or not but humans around me say it is. I don’t understand why though, because it totally makes sense to me in my head and I’m kind of hoping I’m not the only one but even if I am the only one it doesn’t make any difference really.

So here’s to music, to a bit of my soul.


New Beginnings.

I’m not going to lie. About a while ago I had no clue what I was going to write. I was absolutely blank and to an extent totally freaked out. I was trying to think of every possible idea I could write my first post on but nothing clicked. But then I sent a friend of mine a text. Ok not one, maybe many long ones. Well let’s just say in these messages I probably bugged her about this instead of studying one day prior to an examination in our college. Yes. I’m a weird person. So back to the point after asking me to get back to studying and all that, all she said was, “why don’t you write on new beginnings.” and this was how I realised that I can be a very stupid human being at times. Yes, I did not realise probably the most obvious topic to start off my blog with. Well, that’s when I realised that in this huge rush looking for answers we often forget that sometimes the answer is in front of us all along.

We begin every year saying that we’re going to start anew and set ourselves these set of resolutions which, lets face it we probably never end up following. I do that too. I also have a habit of starting anew with everyone around me no matter what. But well, this year something different happened and I was luckier than usual because unlike every year this year I got my new beginnings before New Year and welcomed the New Year with them by my side. Well, if that makes sense to you.

This year I realised two things which probably changed my way of thinking a lot.

First being, it’s never too late or there is no perfect time to start anew. Things can fall into place any time. New stories can be even written at the end of the year and stories can even come to an end at the beginning of a year. But at the end of the story it is all worth it.

And the second that maybe the need for new beginnings on the new years is not that important every time. Sometime all we need is what is with us already or what we had gained along the previous year. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just perfect.

So here’s to old stories which have walked with me all along from the start, to the stories I gained along the way and to the new stories which are yet to come along.

Happy New Year 😀