Love notes of dance.

Let your fingers dance,

To the rhythm of our heartbeats,

On the planes of my flesh.

Let them tap into the unexplored,

And search for new beyonds.

Taint my body,

With the words of your doing.

Paint them,

With the love notes pouring out of your mouth.

Let them crash into the mountains,

And sink into my valleys.

Let them get lost,

While we search for each other.



Mark me,

Like animals mark territory,

Aggressive and rough.

Make me scream your name out loud,

To make sure everyone knows I’m yours,

Even if it’s just for the night.

Let the night shy away,

From the raw passion we exude,

And hide the stars behind the clouds.

Body on body,

Skin on skin,

Let there be no barriers today.

Not even those of the sheets between our bodies,

Let them lay beneath us,

As we hold onto them,

As we crush them,

For the sake of our sanity.

The sanity of which,

Left is nothing but hazy traces.