Starry Nights

Gazing at the sky every night,

She counted the stars that shone so bright.

Fascinated by their glow,

By that light they let go,

She contemplated every night.

How, just balls of fire could look so beautiful?

How, they could just keep twinkling all night.

She wasn’t a curious astronomer trying to decode their positions,

Nor was she one of those lost souls who they gave path to.

But still, every night she gazed at them,

And gazed at them, till her eyes keep could keep open no more.

She used to talk to them,

Share things she told no one.

And they listened,

Only listened and told no one.

Mumbling to her confidantes she sat there all alone, every night.

Or at least, so she thought.

A few pebbles away,

Perched on the branch of the ancient banyan tree,

A boy like her sat every night.

He too, who came to admire the nature,

And spill some whispers into the dark.

He too, who came to gaze at the stars,

And believed them to be his confidantes.

This went on for a while,

Both unaware of the other.

Until, one day the branch creaked,

revealing the little boy’s spot.

who’s there?”, she asked,

and stepped into the dark.

Scared and afraid all her senses heightened,

Only to find a young escaping boy,

Who was also equally frightened.

He was in a hurry,

Hanging mid-air,

Amidst of an escape.

Relieved that it wasn’t some beast,

She took a deep breath,

While all he could do was gape.

For the first time the boy was speechless,

He had nothing to say.

Perplexed and astonished,

He just kept looking,

As she walked away.

She walked back to her spot,

While he tried to get out of the daze.

Eventually climbing back up on his branch,

But he never did lose that haze.

They still came every night after that,

And still do every time that sun sets.

The only difference being,

She still comes for the stars above,

While he comes for the one he found beneath.