Fleeting escapism

You know that place? That place which is only known to you. That place where everything is alright, where everything is okay. That place which is way better than this world. Where there are no complications and just peace and happiness prevails everywhere. Yes, exactly that place. And don’t pretend to be unknown because I know you know, in fact we all do because we all have that one place. It’s the place we escape into every now and then to be free from this world. It’s the place we find our serenity in. It is that place where one can just be themselves without any worries. It is in other words like utopia where everything is just perfect.

Zoning out into bliss while fleeing the world that can only think of problems has somewhat become a habit of mine. Breaking into a world of my own liking and simple joy while the world around is just too busy worrying about the most irrelevant matters is a thing I have taken to my liking recently and since my examinations are around the corner it’s also something that helps me keep the stress at bay. Anyways, back to the point, escaping into my world of thoughts and dreams as become new favourite hobby. Just me and my blissful solitude. I don’t know about anyone else but it’s a place have come to frequently visit. The place that is just like plain paradise. It’s not necessarily a real place, it’s just a virtual state of being at times but it is so much better.

If you’re thinking that I have lost it or something then no, I haven’t. Like I am still crazy and all, I just haven’t become crazier or something. It’s just that sometime back I came over the word and concept of escapism and I’ve just been obsessing over it and have fallen in love with it since. It’s just plain beautiful cause just for that while there are no worries in life. Though, I must admit it has become a quite irritating factor for the humans around me but still I fallen for it. my escape has mainly been listening to music or reading books while just feeling the breeze hit your face and cutting off the world’s annoying noises. Just peace, my thoughts, my feelings, my books and my music.

It’s not running away from reality or not facing your problems. It’s just removing some time for yourself .

’cause sometimes its healthy to get away from reality.