A bit of soul

It’s a part of me.

It has helped me be who I am.

It has been by my side even through the darkest times.

It reaches out to me and I connect with it when I can’t with anyone else.

It has been my language when I couldn’t even utter a sound.

My tears, fears, joy and laughter, it has been a part of it all.

It has been my companion during the lonely times, my friend who has been with me through all the tides.

It is my escape from the world, my blissful paradise.

Its voice might differ every time but it never fails to express what I feel.

It has been there from the start and I know will stand by till the end.

But still, till date I cannot thank it enough.

It is my music.

All along life it has been my get away from the world, it always creates me a bubble which I call my space. I relate to it in many ways whether it’s being obnoxious and loud or just wanting to relax. I have always been much closed about my music which has several times been misunderstood but it’s not that I have something to hide, it’s just that, to me, it is something very personal that I like to keep to myself. I never really got how people can so easily be comfortable sharing their music and have always envied them because that is something I have never been able to do very easily. I blame this on the fact that to me it feels like letting people inside my personal space which I can get highly uncomfortable with especially if I don’t know you. I really don’t know if that weird or not but humans around me say it is. I don’t understand why though, because it totally makes sense to me in my head and I’m kind of hoping I’m not the only one but even if I am the only one it doesn’t make any difference really.

So here’s to music, to a bit of my soul.



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